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Candidate Robert Mitchell


Accountable to YOU!

My name is Bob Mitchell and I want to Thank You for visiting my page! 

I am running to be YOUR Republican State Representative for the 35th District.

I am asking for your vote on September 13th, 2O16.

Together, we can make a difference for our District and for our State. We are currently facing a staggering budget defecit that has been years in the making. Decades of "Tax and Spend" policies that have come from the top and have not been stopped by our legislators have finally caught up with us - and there is no easy answer. Now more than ever, we need new Representatives in Dover who will roll up their sleeves and do what is necessary to balance our budget and decrease our State Debt. I will be one of those new Representatives. "Politics as usual" is no longer an affordable way to govern. We need Leadership who will take responsbility for their actions and put Taxpayer's interests above the "Special" Interest groups who have way too much influence.

Join me in making our Legislature once again be "By the People, FOR the People".